Innovative Enterprise Mobility Solution

Consumer Engagement | Transactional Services | Realtime Surveys & Polls | Works on all GSM Phones and Networks | Toll Free
Smooth User Experience | Easy to adopt | No Internet required | No Download | Faster than SMS

What is Signal7 and Why it is so powerful?

What it can be used for?
  • Consumer Engagement Solution
  • Real-time Surveys and Polls

  • Transactional services – Like Top-Up, Mobile Money Transfer/Wallet etc.
  • Customer Servicing
  • Verification and Authenticity check

  • Store Locators
  • Toll Free lead generation

  • Any other mobile based interactivity application
Why it is so powerful?
  • Free to the end user
  • No Internet required

  • No Download Required
  • No installation required

  • Real –Time and blazing fast
  • Works world-wide

  • Works on all GSM phones – Even on basic low cost phone
  • Support 90% of GSM networks world-wide
  • Seamless connectivity – Easy to adopt
  • Fully Secure - Session based platform
How it works?
As simple as - Give a missed call and start interacting
  • Step 1. Call to a Toll Free service number
  • Step 2. Get an Interactive Menu pop-up on your phone
  • Step 3. Start Interacting
See it in Action
To see Signal7 in action, check whether you are using a GSM network.
(Signal7 will not work on CDMA networks)
  • First, try calling this number: +91-22-30932080 (Indian No.). There will be no voice connection, the call will be terminated and thus you will not be charged. In other words, the call is FREE.
  • Look at the phone as you will get a Signal7 Interactive menu

About us

Signal7 is one of the Innovative enterprise mobility solution offered by MindsArray Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

MindsArray is privately held company based in Mumbai founded by technology entrepreneurs with right qualification and experience in the relevant domain.

MindsArray is committed to provide a carrier independent VAS platform for services in the consumer as well as enterprise space.